About the author

About Passionate BA Author

Hello there! My name is Iurii. I am the creator and author of Passionate BA. Welcome to this blog, where I share distilled materials from BA practitioners from over the globe, along with my own. Let me tell you just a few bits about myself.

Since 2012, I have been a part of different teams who accomplished over 100 projects, discoveries, and pre-sales as BA and PO for clients worldwide in ERP, Healthcare, E-learning, and other domains; I was a mentor to more than 50 talented BAs.

Passionate BA | Head of Business Analysis Team | Leading BA Education and Excellence Programs.

Who is the author of this blog?

You did not ask, but you got it. Here I want to tell a little about myself, about the author behind the Passionate BA. I started my career as Business Analyst in 2012 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. That was when business analysts, as a separate role, were well-known in the USA and the other world but have yet to be in Ukrainian IT. Business analysis was something new that everyone started looking at and evaluating. That was the time “dark age” when you had to try your best to sell this position to be a part of the development team)

At that moment, I was 2nd a year student on my way to a Master’s Degree in the Economics of Enterprise. At that exact moment, I was interested in computer technologies and dreaming about creating software (mostly video games, but still). That’s when I learned about business analysis, which eventually became a focal point of my education, personal interests, and natural talents.

Today, after more than a decade of studying, working, teaching, and performing other activities in IT, I see many things I want to try while keeping my BA experience as a core. I’m still hungry for new knowledge and challenges, meeting new people, helping them with their needs, and doing many other things, including Passionate BA.

Why the author started this?

I have always been dedicated to the thought that those who possess the information in the right place and time will run the world. That’s why after a couple of years, I started developing this strong feeling that I should not only keep all the knowledge I have to myself. I started mentoring other BAs but soon realized I needed to do more for the community.

Meanwhile, after years of reading many articles on the Internet, I concluded that lots of stuff there was not worth my time searching and reading. I quickly realized there were so many BA’s out there who struggle with the same issue! That’s why in 2019, I started a personal blog, where monthly, after digging through a handful of hundreds of articles monthly, I posted a BA Digest with only the best materials I could find.

On this website, you will find all those digests along with the new materials, formats, and other stuff I started working on with digest. I hope you will find them helpful and discover something new or something to help you revise the basics.

See you there and enjoy!