Explore IT Outsourcing Opportunities for Business Analysts! [Recording]

Explore IT Outsourcing Opportunities for Business Analysts!

Hello there!  As you know, I am totally into sharing knowledge about business analysis in all forms available. I am constantly looking for opportunities to do so, and here is another one for you! This time, I invite you to the journey during which we will explore the life of a Business Analyst in IT outsourcing 😎

Having a lot to share from outsourcing, in-house development, and helping product startups, I would like to talk about the expertise business analysts in NIX have received over the years and our professional benefits from working with international partners. As Head of the Business Analysis Team, with 10+ years of experience “in the field,” I would happily share the experience of 100+ business analysis experts on their behalf. 🀩

Long story short, in this webinar, I would like to talk on such topics:

πŸ’‘ Which domains and technologies do we work with;
πŸ’‘ How Business Analysts help NIX reach our partner’s business goals;
πŸ’‘ How do IT experts benefit from working in an outsourcing company;
πŸ’‘ Share practical cases of what our Business Analysts worked with during recent years.

Who would benefit from this conversation the most:

🫡 Like-minded specialists, ready to discuss industry trends to the point of frenzy!
🫡 Those who want to go beyond the Hungarian business analysis market and discuss global practices
🫡 Experts eager to learn about the insights and benefits of IT outsourcing and challenge your experience with other experts in the BA field

When: September 7 at 18:00

Where: Online β€” NIX’s YouTube channel

Registration is required: Here

Are you ready to meet with other professionals and discuss experiences? πŸš€ Register now and, who knows, kick-off to a progressive BA community in Budapest? More information via the link πŸ‘€

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