Iurii Gomon Speaking at Balkan Business Analysis Conference 2023

Iurii Gomon Speaking at Balkan Business Analysis Conference

🌟 Good News Everyone! 🌟 I am excited to announce my participation in the upcoming Balkan Business Analysis Conference 2023, where I’ll have the privilege of sharing insights as a speaker and gaining knowledge from industry experts 🀝

πŸ” This time, it is my turn to share, as I will speak on a topic that was always important but mainly overlooked by many fellow experts. In today’s fast-paced world, trust is the cornerstone of effective communication with stakeholders when critical decisions need to be made. Given their pivotal roles and opportunities, business analysts wield immense power in building trust and bridging the gap between development and business.

πŸ’Ό I’ve personally witnessed how trust can shape projects and drive them toward success or failure. Through my experiences, I’ve understood the profound impact of trust on decision-making and project outcomes. That is why the topic I chose to speak on is “BA’s Guide on the Psychology of Trust and Its Influence on Decision Making.”

Join me in unraveling the secrets of how business analysts can pave the way for project success by establishing trust as the crucial first step toward effective decision-making πŸš€

I can’t wait to connect with fellow professionals at the conference, share my knowledge, and learn from the best in the industry. See you there! πŸ€“

You can still secure your spot by registering here πŸ”—:Β https://lnkd.in/dugVXSC8

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