I won a book signed by Karl Wiegers!

I won a book signed by Karl Wiegers!
The Book by Karl Wiegers I won
The Book by Karl Wiegers I won

I just realized that I did not share with you the most incredible thing that happened to me last month!

What am I talking about, you may ask? Well, I’m going to tell you!
After four months and on the 2nd attempt, I have finally received the most heartwarming present, which is perfect for celebrating my nine years of career in business analysis. The one that I would have never even thought I would get.

If you follow my feed on LinkedIn, you might know that in February, I attended the conference starring Karl Wiegers. There I could ask something I had been thinking about for a long time – the definition of the “bridging” part of the business analyst’s role and how it changed through time. To my sincere delight, my thoughts resonated with those who listened and especially with Karl Wiegers)
As a result, today I’m holding in my hands quite an artifact – the latest book by Karl Wiegers, “Software Development Pearls,” signed by the maître himself!

That’s the greatest of honors for me! As well as now, it’s my responsibility to share these many lessons, gathered during years and years of experience, with others which I most certainly will in my following posts, so stay in touch!

Just in case you want to have your copy of this masterpiece, you may find more information about the book on Amazon. In the following post, I will analyze the book’s chapters by doing reviews after reading. Stay tuned to get tons of helpful content!

That is your first visit to Passionate BA?

If you just started reading my blog, I have to indicate that you can find many articles on a blog page. You will find my digests, glossary definition reviews, and much more! Enjoy!

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