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Abstract about business analysis standard translation

Hello there! You might have already heard that the IIBA Ukraine Chapter initiated a vast and vital initiative. I am talking about a huge step – translating the Business Analysis Standard by IIBA® from English to Ukrainian. As you may understand, this ongoing project is both important and complicated. Meanwhile, its potential impact on the Ukrainian business analysis community cannot be overstated.

By translating the business analysis standard, the IIBA Ukraine Chapter provides a valuable resource to Ukrainian business analysts. The standard provides a framework for effective business analysis practices and techniques. By making this framework accessible in Ukrainian, the Chapter is breaking down language barriers and helping local business analysts thrive.

The initiative is also an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. The IIBA Ukraine Chapter is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the profession. By sharing their knowledge and expertise through this ongoing initiative, they contribute meaningfully to the community. And I am really proud to announce that I also became a part of this movement.

Translating technical language and complex concepts is no small feat, but the members of the IIBA Ukraine Chapter are up to the challenge. We are ready to invest countless hours to ensure that translations are accurate and precise, consulting with experts to guarantee a high-quality resource for Ukrainian business analysts.

This initiative also shows the IIBA Ukraine Chapter’s commitment to providing ongoing support to the community. The profession constantly evolves, and dedication to keeping up with the latest trends and best practices is inspiring. By committing to an ongoing initiative like this, the IIBA Ukraine Chapter demonstrates the importance of the growth and development of the profession in Ukraine.

Recent update

Here, I would like to share a quote from Oleksandr Moskalyuk, coordinator of this initiative:

Brief information on the status of the translation of the Business Analysis Standard as of March 2, 2023

Thanks to active participants, the group processed all pages of the Standard and created an extended dictionary of 150 terms. Of these, 11 terms need to be translated, and 128 need to be agreed with the existing translation.

Many thanks to Dmytro MazenkoIryna SokolnikovaOlha LypskaЯкубович ВиталийEugenia BokovaIurii GomonLiudmyla Ruzak and Olha Derevenko for their active participation in the translation.

The next step is the translation of the untranslated terms and the approval of the translated ones. For this purpose, all active participants are divided into 3 groups, each of which will approve ⅓ of the translations.

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